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Nick is a native San Franciscan who was raised with an appreciation for the arts. “I was blessed to grow up in a diverse community that I still visit frequently.”


As a child, Nick’s father showed him old black and white movies and introduced him to classical music. “There was always something about the 40’s and 50’s…that era spoke to me. It still does.”


In his early twenties while he was studying film at San Francisco State University, he became enamored with the soundtrack to the 1996 indie film ‘Swingers’. As a result he sought out the music of Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Nat “King” Cole and others of the bygone era and style. He has been listening to that music now for over 15 years and his style is strongly influenced by these artists.


“I strive to incorporate every style that I hear and enjoy into the songs I sing. I like to think that my love of old R&B and Soul comes through even when I sing songs from the Great American Songbook.”


In addition to his work as a singer Nick creates abstract paintings (see Art Gallery link). He lived in Los Angeles for many years and currently resides in Barcelona.


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